Key Advantages Of Partnering With Us


Speed to Market - First to Market

 Operational in a fraction of the time compared to on-site commercial construction (18 to 24 months).

Our 2,400 lb/day and 6,000 lb/day commercial hemp extraction labs can be built, equipped, relocated to Colorado and operational in about  22 weeks. 

Our industrial labs are portable and are 100% approved and permitted by the State of Colorado: Plug-n-Play.

Full capability to analyze and process the hemp, test it, certify it, package it and label it all in house.

Decades of Experience

 Our team consists of highly experienced extraction, fabrication, engineering and infrastructure professionals.  Our labs are explosive  proof (Division II), Category 3 Hurricane Proof and will operate normally in -20 degree weather. We have all the experts in place who can build, equip and operate our state of the art labs. 

We own the industrial building manufacturing facility.  We have fabricated  40+ O&G industrial labs per year for the last several years. We are experts at arranging the road use permits necessary to move our portable, industrial labs around the country and around the world.


The cost to build and fully equip our labs is, on average, at least 10x LESS than a traditional on-site build out.

Fast ROI

 Total Return on Investment can be realized in a few months for our investment partners, not years. 

Exceptional Returns


 Let’s Talk Profit Potential.

Each one of our commercial hemp extraction labs will initially process 2,400 pounds to as much as 6,000 pounds of hemp per 24 hour period. The labs are projected to generate millions in revenue monthly and are projected to generate tens of millions or more annually.

Acreage of hemp dedicated farm land has grown from only 9,600 in 2016 to over 147,000 in 2019.  ALL that hemp needs to be processed and currently the capacity to extract is woefully short.  Supply and demand in it's greatest form is at work here!

Potential ROI and performance numbers can be discussed in detail, should you qualify for a discovery call with us.  We have a complete due diligence file available for potential partners once a bi-lateral NCND is signed and proof of funds is verified.  Find out below if you qualify and schedule your call.

About Us


Experience From The Top Down

Our group’s expertise and current involvement in the Oil & Gas  sector over the last two decades allows us to design, fabricate, equip and commission state of the art portable industrial labs quickly and efficiently for the O&G market.  We've applied that same knowledge to the hemp extraction industry.  

We have expert industrial design, electrical and mechanical engineers along with bio-chemists, molecular biologists and biological researchers that are part of our team.  Our extraction partners are also market leaders in molecular isolation. Our unique advantages and the incredible speed to fabricate and equip the hemp labs opens up numerous possibilities for us right now without the constraints associated with site built construction. Currently we can fabricate (in house) 50 extraction labs a year at peak production. 


Positioning for the Future

  The passage of the Farm Bill of 2018 legalized hemp on the Federal Level. It classified hemp (defined as Cannabis with less than .03% THC) as an ordinary agricultural commodity. 

Hemp is NOT marijuana


This has opened the door for hemp and all of its extracts to be used in hundreds of thousands of retail, pharmaceutical, industrial, animal and food products. Walgreen's, Coca-Cola, CVS, Whole Foods and numerous other national and global retailers have plans to introduce hemp and CBD infused products in the very near future.  

The hemp market is in it's infancy. As we go into the second half of 2019 and 2020, more and more states will follow and the opportunity to be first to market can be enormous...if you're positioned correctly.  Hemp and CBD have been PROVEN to reduce the affects of stress, anxiety, depression, aches and pains as well as benefit skin and over all physical health. The industry is expected to realize growth to $22 Billion by the year 2023! (Rolling Stone Magazine Sept 2018)  

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Joint Venture Partnership Qualifications


Liquid Capital Requirements

 We are currently seeking equity partners to finance 2,400 lb/day hemp extraction labs in Colorado.  The investor will receive a Thirty  Percent (30%) Equity Stake in the lab. Funds required to initiate this plan will be $5,350,000*.   An investor would also have the option to upgrade the facility up to but no more than 6,000 lbs/day if they choose, at an additional cost of $4,200,000*.

 The investor will be paid back in full first before any dividends are distributed to the other partners. The value of the lab once completed and furnished with the extraction equipment can be used as collateral for the investor until they are paid back in full.

 A complete due diligence investor package will be provided after a bi-lateral NCND is signed and a Proof of Funds determination is made by our group. 

*Equipment costs and tariffs may rise which will affect the investment amount.

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